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            Recruitment Information

            Equipment Engineer發布日期:2017-10-23


            1、college degree or above, more than 2 years of experience in the same position.

            2、 responsible for the latter section equipment debugging, model switching

            3、 skilled use of relevant testing equipment, office software.

            Reserve cadres發布日期:2017-09-30


            1. College degree or above, Male preferred, 21-30 years old.

            2. Major in engineering and computer related is preferred:

            3, practical work, flexible mind, meticulous, active, self-motivated.

            Operator and inspector發布日期:2017-09-30


            1, male and female, 18-45 years old, junior high school or above;
            2, practical work, flexible mind, meticulous, active, self-motivated;

            3, the use of computer priority: