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            Dual camera

            Mobile camera is divided into built-in and external, built-in camera refers to the camera in the mobile phone, more convenient. The external mobile phone is connected with the digital camera through the data line or the lower part of the mobile phone to complete all the shooting functions of the digital camera.
            技術規格Technical specifications
            Product Spec
            Dim Feature
            S5K3L8+S5K3L8+5P lens 1/3.06 ",1.12um,FOV80 19.0*9.5*4.55mm RGB+MONO

            銷售聯系Sales contact
            重慶天實精工科技有限公司地址:Building 14, terminal intelligent terminal Industrial Park, No. 6 Lang Road, Chongqing Airport Industrial Park郵編:315400電話:023-67270599傳真:023-67270598