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            Teach you how to convert an old cell phone into a surveillance camera

            Tencent digital news (Newsboy) smartphone update speed is very fast, leading to our mobile phone frequency is also high. How do we deal with the old phones that we don't need? Many people don't want to sell it as a second hand mobile phone because the price is too cheap. In order to maximize the use of these old mobile phones, today we will introduce a kind of old mobile phone "turning waste into treasure" method: let mobile phone into home monitoring camera.
            Users first need to download a software called Alfred, this software supports iOS and Android platform. Second, you need two mobile phones, one at home, a monitor camera (using an old cell phone), one in your hand, and a monitor. Need to pay attention to, users need to use Google + account to login Alfred applications.

            You can use this monitoring system by simply setting up the two devices.

            Teach you how to convert an old cell phone into a surveillance camera
            First of all, the motion tracking function. If the surveillance camera in the living room (old mobile phone) monitors someone walking around the room, they will immediately take pictures, and then send photos to the user on another smart phone, and remind users in the form of vibration. The user can control the indoor camera, switch it between the front camera and the rear camera, and the user can also change and rotate the monitor screen. In addition, users can also activate voice function, send voice warning to indoor mobile phone, and also can open LED flash as warning.

            Teach you how to convert an old cell phone into a surveillance camera
            What to do if you can't see the objects in the room at night? It doesn't matter, Alfred provides users with night mode. In the night mode, the camera can still see the outline of the indoor object in general. If there is an abnormal moving object, the system will notify the user.
            It should be noted that users can not only use Android or iPhone smart phones, you can also use the tablet PC as an indoor surveillance camera, but the premise is that you must have a camera.